Gas Fired Water Heater Manufacturer In Anand

Gas Fired Water Heater Manufacturer in Anand

Gas Fired Water Heater Manufacturer in Anand.


1. Auto Temperature Control Switch.
2. Stainless Steel Burner.
3. Highly energy efficient thermal insulation significanty minimizes losses.
4. The flue baffle maximizes heat absorption in the flue tube by minimizing air movment in the heater.
5. Fully automatic control shuts of the gas, once the pilot burner is exitinguished either by operator or by accident.
6. Imported energy saving gas controls and cut-off merchanisms ensure absolute safety.
7. Three convenient thermostat setting at your finger tips (Warm, Hot and Very Hot).
8. Accordingly, you get water at pre-set temperature throughout 24 hrs a day, No need to fire or extinguish the burner.
9. Simple robust construction using heavy gauge steel tanks for longer life.
10. The size of water connection provided ensures full - flow delivery to the fixture.
11. No need of any hazardous electrical controls.
12. Inner tank is coated with anti corrosive paint.

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